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Pianists for Access to Smaller Keyboards

Many hand sizes, but only one piano size?


While studying at Southern Methodist University, Kristen was introduced to ergonimically scaled piano keys. The piano is the same, but the keys are smaller which accomodates smaller hand sizes. Prior to using these smaller keys, Kristen suffered from carpal tunnel and nerve damage (taking her away from repertoire practice for nearly a month during her undergraduate studies). Her first time playing a D.S. 5.5 size piano (with an octave that is an inch smaller than a standard size piano) was a revelation. All of the music she loved to play finally fit underneath her hand! You can see her reaching a 10th above -- this is on a D.S. 5.5. On a standard size she can just barely reach an octave, which limits her from a large number of standard repertoire pieces.

Now this is available to her students too! A D.S. 7/8ths piano (just slightly larger than the D.S. 5.5) resides in the studio and two pianos with the same keyboard are available for students to rent. Don't let hand size prevent you from fully expressing your musical ability.

To find out more about these amazing pianos and to join the movement please visit and sign the petition to piano manufacturers.

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